🎈 party of 7

Mississippi Hippie

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7 abstract portraits in acrylic and spray paint... made for a comedy performance by tv personality Honey Boo Boo and her mom June. It was a fun show to have. 😊
All wonderful! I especially love the abstract portraits for the TV show. I really like your style. ♥️
Thankyou!! The TV pub show was my favorite showing. 😊 it took a lot of work, and turned out amazing! The art works really went places. One went to Santa Fe, a place I’ve always admirered for its Art.. it is in a Doctors office.. not a museum or something but I’m really proud of that sale and one female portrait that went to a condo in Michigan.. that also made it my favorite show.
Sometimes a place like a doctor's office is better than a museum because people who need healing will see the art! ♥️
I wish I had a picture of it... I had one with my sister in front of it but I don’t know where it went... it was purple and blue and I believe it’s soothing ppl...