Ran out of paint on this one :-/

Mississippi Hippie

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I’ve gotten good feedback, but I could use more.. It’s a big painting, I am not sure what to call it. The medium is spray paint and acrylic. I decided to buy oil for the next paintings I paint. The mixed media paintings I’ve done with oil are successful, but I haven’t completed an artwork with only oil since I was a beginner. Hope it doesn’t suck. Ha ha. But I will probably use spray and oil. But this is acrylic and the end of my tubes..

There's always so much energy in your work and I like the depth you achieve with the spray paint in the background. Titles for abstracts are always so hard.
Titles are to difficult.. I should start a list of working titles, I guess.. thanks Donna I’m happy someone sees the depth I go for.. and I’m happy for the energy, it makes me happy, thanks again
I especially like how the bottom builds up into a mountainous-type composition, then frees up at the top where the spray is. The bottom part is more substantial where it's panted, and I just prefer that to the sprayed area, but I'm not one to like aerosol spray in art too much (just a preference), especially when the bottom parts of this one are so incredibly strong. I love all the colors and wish it was brush-painted where the spray is. I wonder if that would have been more challenging?

I wouldn't name it anything it resembles, like a mountain/sky, but maybe something that piles, a heap of something? Something that climbs its way up and frees itself? I don't know, just trying to tell you what it makes me feel. ;)
I took risks with this one. I’m proud the colors look good to you. It wouldn’t look this way if I still had some light blues, and white to mix with.. and I think I handled it well. It is what I was going for, however, I don’t think the top section would have much brush work even if I had pigment, I’m hesitant to work more on it because I’ve posted it so many places and my husband likes it. It was challenging.
I won’t title it what it resembles.. but maybe, “ Good Luck Year” “Zen Paulisa” “Good Times Warning”
I should keep a list of working titles..