Women in hats


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I did the first of these as a "Red" challenge over at WC a couple years ago. This was one of those paintings where I started to understand that ref photos are really more like jumping-off places for me, rather than a study to try to copy. It's funny what we come to learn about ourselves through approaches to art. I'm the same way with photography: I use my negatives as a place to begin, to take the shot to some other place.

Woman in a red hat: 12x16 Arches oil paper. Mungyo Gallery Soft oil pastels, with some Neopastels and Senns thrown in there.

Woman in a Red Hat.jpg

A few months prior to that, my main interest in this one was wanting to play with a deep red background for a portrait. It seemed challenging. No reference photo, just came up with this delicate little creature for some reason. Same paper, paper size and mix of oil pastels.

Woman in a green hat:

Woman in a Green Hat a.jpg

All comments welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking!
nice Terri .. in high school my sister used to fill her exercise book with little drawings such as those.
Nice Terri. Part of being an artist is making a reference photo your own and developing your own style.
Thank you, everyone, for looking and commenting! I've never been real sure about these.

Nice Terri. Part of being an artist is making a reference photo your own and developing your own style.
Yes! What keeps happening is my mind is saying, "Go wild, be free!" and what comes out of my hand are these precise paintings. 😆
Very cool! I love the colors--they are so rich, and your style is really distinct. Reference is just that--reference. Never copy. You're right in that it is just a jumping off point, and here you jumped right into a signature style. A really cool one! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Thank you, Arty, you're very sweet to say so!

There may come a day when starting a painting doesn't result in white knuckles for me. It takes me awhile to settle in.
Well, I'm the same way with most of my work too (white knuckling)! Painting is supposed to be a relaxing endeavor. Says who? :cautious:
Deborah, Zen, Nufocus, ntl - thank you so much for your comments here. I appreciate it very much. ❤