With Black Holes


These are oil on birch, but the black holes are cut from black paper. I didn't know where to post these, but here they are.



Very thought provoking, Arty.

The old 'Dad' instinct kicks in and I want to help the little girl in her impossible stuggle with the great unknown and unknowable. Wonderful expressions and body language portrayal.

The second one kind of bothers me because it looks like the girl has had her right ankle and foot amputated, which the descending shapes probably explain, but I can't figure it out.

Her joy in the third one has an ambiguious quality that is touching because she is either like a kitten playing in a busy street, oblivious to the danger, or, has recognized reality and is defiantly joyous anyway.

No Stoicism here.

And that ain't all, either.
Not going to even try to figure out the meaning but I love them all. I have a friend who lost a leg a couple of years ago and has a "bionic" leg. She is a true inspiration. She just made a video a couple of months ago of her skate boarding. She just refuses to let it change her life. I truly admire her.
Thank you all. I appreciate it. The one with the interesting leg apparatuses have to do with when I couldn't walk and was in a wheelchair, and/or the pain I deal with in my legs. Sometimes it feels like I wearing weights, stumps, etc. not being able to hold myself up properly, being fragile, etc. So I guess that's it. The other shapes are clothing patterns.
I definitely like these. I especially love the last one with the sense of motion that I have been aiming for recently.
I love the three of them. Love those faces and the action.
Love those characters trying to do something, climbing because they have to, because that’s what we do and tumbling down.
Very touching, close to the heart.
Love, loved 💙❤️
Thank you very much Bizzi and SLG, and you too for your very kind words Jocelyne. Makes me feel good. I sold all three to the same couple. It felt good.
Artyczar, they are wonderful works, an incredible series,
there is everything, there is a lot of action and movement that it carries, as if they were in evolution, I can't explain, but there is this action,movie. I think for how they said, action, expressions.
beautiful works.
Don't know how I missed this post.They've blown me away, great motion I especially love the last one.
I don't know how I missed these. Each one is great on its own, but grouped together like this they carry an amazing visual wallop. I'm not at ALL surprised they were purchased as a group.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful work. ❤