Winter's Glory


11 x 14 oil on paper Alla Prima


I forgot to mention: I got a new square knife and what a knife it is.
LOVE this one, especially the spots of orange. Perfect reflective light! ♥️♥️♥️ ⚡

The square knife is my favorite.
Wow! that's super! Love everything about it--shapes, colors, textures. It feels cold.
How about a photo of the new knife?!
thank you Joe.
Went all out and cleaned the handles of my other knives and my brushes .. first time in 20 years ... that was actually work. The few with red on the tips are left over from plein air days .. so I could find it in the grass and bushes if I dropped it.

I'm liking your knife work Wayne, I would just be making mud if I did that. ;)
I doubt you would but thank you Margaret. Your horse painting is my fave of things I've seen you.
Wayne, this is my one palette knife painting that I didn't completely ruin. It has a bit of brush work along with the knife work.

Hard to separate two. Me thinks much too timid in approach. It takes a few messes to gain delicate manouvers and to trust that the accidentals are strong and valid. This must be old as your color is rigid but perhaps that was caused by the knife.
:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: .. mine looked like this before I spent a few hours cleaning them: Shamed into it when I saw my first picture of them. :cry::cry:


Number 5 piece looks like a pipe .. o_O
Ha, Jos! I love your number 5. Can't live without that one, right? I also use a couple fancy chopsticks, an awl, another long thin brush with missing bristles, skewers, toothpicks, needles, credit card, a squeegee with notches thing-a-ma-bob, and a few other odd things.
Don't forget the nail punch...that's my pen. What is that pipe thing? Circles?
I noticed my old pipe as I was looking for my stuff in my box of stuff.
i use credit cards too. A old wooden chopstick is great for dots. Wooden spoon handles are great for bigger dots and multitasking. Wooden skewers are great for shooting paint when something is missing or when your works is too rigid. You dip it in liquid paint and use it to spray your work when it is too stiff. 🤣
sometimes I stand at a distance and attack my canvas like a musketeer and stab it when it is missing g something. Then, I corrected it. 😵‍💫🙂
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