When Did The Dreams Begin Child


16 x 20 In Oil on Panel Perm Red UltraBlue Lemon Yellow Titanium White
Thank you Sno ... I will try a follow up but it takes days just to work out the concept and then I probably won't be able to paint it. :rolleyes:
Yes, very narrative and I like it! It's both angelic and has a kind of tribal effect to me. It's really interesting. Good work. :)
Arty nailed it, (except I don't quite know what is meant by a "tribal effect"), and the title is a perfect description.
Thank you Trier .. I can't speak for Arty but I think she is referring to the Masks the Shaman wore when then did their business.
It's interesting to me in that...and perhaps this is really TMI, but when I was a child I heard voices. They were tribal in nature. I never knew exactly what they were saying because there were so many at once and it sounded like they were chanting in various tribal chants, all different ones at the same time, so nothing was ever decipherable. They came when I became nervous and I'd try very hard to focus on what they were saying--trying to isolate just one of the voices to figure out what was being said. Anytime I was able to do this, nothing was truly significant. One once told me to get away from my shoe. I have no idea what they meant, but I ran the hell away from my shoes that were left in a van while my summer camp was at the beach. I didn't want to take any chances. :ROFLMAO:
Arty, you should have listened to the chant. I would think it was your ticket to another dimension of time. Then again, maybe you wouldn't be here today to keep this lovely little site humming.
The chant may have said, "Never make an artist's forum. Never make an artist's forum..." That wouldn't have been good. Ha ha ha. :ROFLMAO:
Mystical and maybe mythical! Love the way your eye goes to the yellow that seems to be way inside.
Great story, Arty.