What do you want to be when you grow up?


What are occupations you could see yourself getting into had you not been an artist?

Lab tech.
Crossing guard.
When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronomer. But I'm way too dumb. I ended up studying zoology, which is much easier, but eventually realized that while I love reading up on science, actually being one is something else, and not something I would necessarily enjoy much.

Since then, things have been going ever downhill. :)
:unsure: When I was a little kid I wanted to be a fireman. As an adolescent, I wanted to be a comic book artist. When I was 18 I wanted to be a rock star, a jet fighter pilot, or an artist. Now? A poet, a painter, a Casanova?
I used to want to be a vet, but broken critters every day is so sad ...
Then a shrink, but broken people are sooo exhausting ...
Motherhood always appealed so I married and raised some kids, quite satisfying, I'd do that again (when I'm 20 again).
Visual art/poetry/writing is a great mix between introversion and not and when it finally makes me rich *clears throat* ...
I'll become a travelling philanthropist, anonymous, 'cause again, peeps can be sooo exhausting.
Or maybe I just won't grow up at all, maybe I'll just live and die as a silly old lady, so there.
Ah, so you do maybe fancy yourself a poet? I mean, do you write?

Not so much poetry any more... more poetic prose. I was seriously torn between majoring in art, music, or literature when I graduated from high-school. The musical aspirations quickly went out the window when I realized I had no musical ability whatsoever. I think I chose visual art over literature because I was more self-conscious about my writing efforts.
I'm sure he rather fancies himself a Casanova more than a poet.

Perhaps... but I'm too realistic to imagine that happening at this point... besides, what would my wife think? 🤫
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a boy like my 3 brothers. Then, a ballerina, then a folk singer to protest. I always drew on everything. I finally concluded that I was an artist and that I could draw anything I wanted to be .
"What are occupations you could see yourself getting into had you not been an artist?"

I became an artist AFTER I had been a landscaper, house painter, wallpaperer, interior decorator, delivery man, chef, woodworker, carpenter, gardener, OTR truck driver (solo & team}, addictions tech and counselor, professional student, writer, book illustrator, retired guy, and artist. And a few other things that defy a short description in between. And some I think I would rather forget... It's been a full life, but never boring, never unemployed.
Me too Birdhs. I was a chef, gardener, dog walker,worked in animal sanctuaries, worked in offices (which I did not enjoy) worked as the record keeper in a cemetery - which could be a bit scary after dark🙂 and latterly as an English language teacher. Oh and I never wanted to grow up ha ha ha which is why I became an artist🙂
It was interesting I'll say that, I was the only female record keeper at the time and in winter when it got dark early the gravediggers used to play pranks on me, the buggers. Once, they were pretending to be ghosts outside the window (it was dark out), anyway I was concentrating on some work, fiddling with a paperclip which I'd turned into a piece of wire, they made me jump so much that I stuck the clip in my eye and had to go to hospital haha. The eye is ok btw