What Bruce Said



"Don't pee into the wind, and don't eat yellow snow". An' you know,
this is 11 x 14 Alla Prima .. oil on paper .French U B, Yellow Ocher, Burnt Sienna, Indian Yellow, Pthalo Blue, Titanium White.
nice and nice to see both versions
, and nice what you said in the previous post about how you came back to this job
thank you Joe and Arty ..

Arty: A French Ultra Marine scrubbed into a white paper so the transparency pushes the blue. I'm not sure how pure but should be close except along the edges where I used a little grey and pthalo blue. Basically scrubbed it in for a block in but decided to keep it as it was rather than go back and sugar coat.
Wonderful color contrast, and the abstract shape might be an alien or a Bolt Out Of The Blue. (humor)
So tell me, is that blue figure peeing into the wind? The blue really stands out! Nice. :giggle: ❤️
Thanks Trier .. Must of been a dream .. I don't have an explanation as to why but it went in and I liked it as it was.

Sno, thank you. The figure is blue cause he needs to peee but can't get out of the wind. Bladder Blue.
An intriguing piece! That blue figure really jumps out. My favorite part is the sun on the snow on the right side - very nice rendering.
Very nice...at first I couldn't figure out the gorgeous blue, but then I spotted his right foot :)