Limited Palette Trail In Winter



11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Jan 07/24 ..
French Ultramarine Blue/Yelow Ochre/Burnt Sienna/ Titanium White/Lamp Black
Another nice winter scene, Wayne, and I like how you direct our eyes to the brightest snow. I’d say that palette was a good choice - no need for bright greens and yellows. Just out of curiosity, why do you use lamp black instead of other blacks?
Love the contrast you've created with the front being cold and mostly in shadow and then leading us to the light and colour in the back.
Thank you Donna. I only have Lamp Black and I am not actually sure why I bought it over the others. I think it was because it is very opaque and you need very very little of it. It's in the same catagory as Pthalo Blue .. You better know how to handle it or it gets out of hand very easy.

Thanks Sanylnn

Thanks Joe
This is an awesome job with a limited palette! I love these deep greens and the warming colors surrounding the blue, gray and white of the trail. You do so much with just a few colors. Wonderful! ❤️
Somewhere along the way I missed this one. Very realistic in color and mood.💜🧡