Western Still (sold)


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I just posted this oldie on Facebook and immediately 3 people wanted it. I sold it in just a few minutes!:oops:

I used to own two pairs of western style square toed ankle high boots during my dandy period (midlife crisis, no doubt). When asked three things he avoided, Tom Waits fired off, "Cops, Sensible shoes and..." I forget the third.

Congrats on the sale. I am sure it is only a matter of subject matter where your art is concerned, sno. I could be wrong. 😑 but I doubt it 😁

I love the green blue hues in this work. It is hard to choose what is preferable: worn leather or weathered wood. All of the above. I love both. I used to wear leather pants (trousers) with the boots 😲 the shameless hussy...
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