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Hello from England. I am pleased to have been accepted onto the site.
My interests are eclectic and incorporate all aspects of creativity including the latest developments that AI brings to the table.
As far as my own creativity I am a reasonable sketch artist, love using crayons and water colours as well as hoping that I am an above average photographer.
The use of technology has interested me from when I first learnt how to program in BBC Basic up to present day and even though now seventy years young am fascinated to follow the developments in the world of arts and crafts.
Enough about me, I am really looking forward to reading the Forum post and maybe posting my own on occasion.
Welcome from England! Glad you could join us and look forward to your contributions!

Nicely balanced piece there; quite a bit like w/c work it appears, but also some tech.

And rather like a starving pirate made of burnishers.... :cool:
Welcome aboard agedrelic! Great to have you here. I love your piece very much. Feel free to jump right in and make yourself at home. :)
Hi Agedrelic and welcolme to the forums, we're glad to have you along 👋

I'm also from England (Nottinghamshire), though I live north of the border now.

I really like the artwork you posted, lovely colours and sense of movement, and great background! Looking forward to seeing more of your work. 🙂
Welcome to the forums! Your piece is awesome and makes me excited to see what else you will be showing us!
Welcome to the forums Agedrelic. Just make yourself at home, we're glad you're here.
Happy to see you here, welcome. Love the image you posted, full of imagination and life.
Welcome to Creative Spark! We're happy you decided to join us and start sharing your work. Please keep posting, and have fun. :)
Thank you all for the very warm welcome.
The picture I put up started life as a straightforward photograph of a metal sculpture that stands on the Riverside in Lincoln England's City centre. The artist gave me permission to use the photographs I took giving me the opportunity to let my imagination fly. I used Photoshop many years ago to produce the work which many people, including the original sculpture artist seem to think are a reasonable attempt.
Below is an alternative offering based on the same original photo.