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I did "Reservoir Park" then went back the next day and did this one "Water Tower". I wanted to do sort of a "semi-formal portrait" of it.


block in


Water Tower "Portrait" - oil on 18"x14" panel
This turned out great! I agree with Kat - those angles and criss-crossings would have been too much for me to want to tackle. I love your treeline, and especially your shadows.

Good one!
I love paintings of industrial structures - I've done something similar to this and I know those straight lines and angles are not easy! I really like the strong central composition and the background trees. :)
Thanks KatShealy, Terri - it wasn't as difficult as it might look - I left off a lot of the ironwork and went for a clean sorta idealized portrait look.

Wayne, Kay - Ronald Reagan once said "if you've seen one tree you've seen them all" -not really but I like doing the industrial stuff also.

Donna - I almost never showed progression shots - but with Plein Air, where the surroundings are different each time and offer different sets of challenges - it seems worth showing.
Can I just say I like this one way better?! This is one of my favorites from you in a while. This excites me! Everything about this one is F'in awesome!!!! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Nice structure and details. All those straight lines, I don't know how you've pulled it off, so you have my respect. 😂
Nicely done. Good job with aerial perspective to set the the framework around the back behind everything else.