Wanderings through the undergrowth


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Here's another abstract landscape. Acrylics on canvas 20x20cm


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I can't decide where I want to go with this one .. Christmas or Festival but I do see snowmen. 🥳
Gorgeous one! Really wonderful painting here. I love every brush stroke and the colors, very much. Lots of energy. Great composition too.
Thanks people🙂. I can see where the snowmen snuck in🙂 hmm colourful swamp - yep I can see that too. I actually painted another to go with this. They are both sold but I'll find a photo of the other and upload it
Off Vancouver Island in British Columbia. You take a water taxi from Tofino and a motor boat drops you off on a rock. Then you cross Vargas island on foot and end up on a beach where you are quite alone. Blackberries are everywhere.
Beautiful Lyn.

The black marks are just right, and I agree with Sno that it is a swamp with cat tails with a pond.

I think I saw that you had recently moved North and this piece looks like the swamps I was familiar with here in the USA around 40 degees Latitude.
Thankyou Trier🙂. I moved to north Germany and in this area at least there are quite a few marsh areas, some have been drained and built over but the majority have become protected areas. A sort of colder version of swamps maybe
It's a marsh or wetland with bulrushes, leading to an expanse of water where pike lurk like alligators. It is an artist on form.