Two birds and I’m stoned


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I was not stoned but for some reason I have painted many funny birds two winters ago.
The first is Krakukas
Which is a poetry book cover in India. The second is “no more cages”.


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Thanks Trier!
There are tall trees where I live and I see lot of crows and red cardinals and blue jays.
These paintings are done quickly.
The first one took a little more time.
Here is another titled Bird Talk.


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Your paintings are so breathtakingly vibrant, they must command attention. I do love the corvid family. We had a fledgling crow in our garden a couple of times. And I swear a wild rook said "hello" to me once. Coincidentally, it was in the same area where I was told every child had had their own pet bird, back in the day. There was a rookery in the hills. While living in the Highlands, I witnessed what appeared to be hundreds of birds very high in the sky. I rationalized, if a group of crows is called a "murder," then what I witnessed must have been a genocide.
I thought of you when this ad promoting Korea came on. There is a series of them and they are joyous! It looks an amazing place. 🙂
Jocelyne, I love all three of these. The second one in particular has something special to it for me. Your technique has almost a printmaking effect to it. I can't put my finger on it, but it's just so's very exciting! I love birds. The birds are everywhere here. It's kind of crazy with birds here, like no where else I've ever lived. I have always loved them, but I get to appreciate them even more now and your paintings help my heart grow fonder.
there is a song that I really like,
the raven joe...., he's the one talking and saying people don't like him, people are afraid of him,

except for some poets, only the great poets like that they understood and knew how to sing, tell,
(Crow Joe seeing these paintings would add you among the great poets who have been able to sing it.)

you do high poetry, visual poetry, I'm not an expert in poetry or painting but there is really a lot of magic in these works and a lot of poetry, the most beautiful poetry I can think of.
you make wonderful art, I love the first and third piece, even the second is beautiful, everything you posted is always magical.
thank you very much ,
thank you all for the wonderful art in the forum.

ps: Iain, I thought the KOrea was beautiful but still I imagined it to be different, brilliant and fun spot.
Marvellous whether you were stoned or not😄. Your paintings are gorgeous,vibrant and very alive. I too love birds, we have a lot of spotted woodpeckers here as well as hundreds of finches. Magpies abound, I love their amazing colours and also starlings which are really richly coloured when you get close.