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A fav of mine that I thought I would share. 16" x 20" acrylic on stretched canvas. He is hung in my bathroom.
Bathroom Frog.jpg
That's great Cindy, I love it! :D Looks like one of those poisonous Amazon frogs.
Thank you so much to Maureen, Reddyman, Grampy, Queen Bee, Enyaw, ZenDruid, Aspenman and Terri for your kind comments. This was fun to paint and I'm considering doing a series of household scenes with frogs. Have always loved frogs.
What a fun one this is. I love the articles in the newspaper too (even though I'm not a frog!).
I love him! He makes me happy to go to the bathroom! Ha ha ha :ROFLMAO: But seriously, what a wonderful, whimsical piece. All his colors are wonderful. Lots of work, I can see. :)