Title: Art is to society what ecology is to nature


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This one was finished recently. It's funny, I'd never heard the quote, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results," until doing the same thing over and over again, and then I've heard it four or five times. Must be a sign. The title for this one popped into my head while working on it. As to the veracity of the statement...


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Hi Iain. I’m curious as to what I’m looking at here. Is it an actual textured surface and how did you do it? What’s the size? Does it have a border? Is it representative of your work or was this a departure?

An inquisitive olive wants to know...
Well, thank you all for your responses. I appreciate it. I really do.

To answer the questions. Or not. Yes, it is a textured surface and, no, it is not made from huge chunks of paint! Excuse me if this seems precious, but I would like to keep what I use below the layers of acrylic under my hat. It is a material recycled from the home. ;) The work has no border. The frame is the border, I guess, and is very much part of the work. This is representative of my work now. 12 x 29 x 1.

I would like to post more of this work later (it is variable) and maybe expand a bit on my ideas about art. We can always do that, can't we?

Oh, and hello, Olive! :)
Yes, please post more of your work, and please talk more about your ideas Iain. Would love to hear more about your thoughts and plans for your new continuing series.
Thank you laf.art. Just below halfway, and to the right, there are four parallel lines that I have felt drawn to caress, oddly enough.

As a young child my mother would pin me to the bed, tucking the sheets and blankets in so that one could barely move (was that the idea?) and I would watch the last of the sun penetrate the reds and oranges of the strangely designed curtains and see things in the dark shapes. There were fewer distractions in the Seventies.

Here is an earlier attempt. Cerulean blue. So titled as I wanted to add the colour to the piece. IMG_0509.jpg The reverse has the blue though. IMG_1721.jpg