Tipsy Frog

Dave Woody

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25cm x 15cm acrylic on board.
Our friend loves frogs and has dozens of pics, figurines in her home.
My wife has been at me for ages to paint something 'froggy' for Aggie
and today, I did this as a Christmas present for her.

A frog seeing double after a few vodka's.

Just a bit of fun.
Is it going to eat those flies or offer them a drink? It looks like a hoppy drunk, he'll offer them the plonk.

Nice one, Dave. I'm sure Aggie will be happie ribbit!

I am.

Dave, check out the thread in Music entitled There's Hope for Youth Yet. You won't believe this girl.
That is acually one of the (very) few polish words I know...:ROFLMAO:
A good friend of mine is polish, we speak Icelandic together which is kinda funny, considering we are both immigrants.
Very cute froggy, he looks like a happy drunk!
Frog comes across happy, that is great, worked on that smile over and over....a lot
two dozen times possibly. Thanks everyone