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Figured I'd get a thread going here on this.

My main goal with art at the moment is building original illustrations that will eventually become cross stitch designs for my etsy shop. I've found illustrations with story perform the best in the shop.

I've been trying to get better at capturing stories efficiently, so I make sure they read well from the very beginning. I'll share some winners and losers in here, but it's all a process to get to the quality result I'm looking for.

Here's a recent one from this week. I think it has a great story. What would a bus stop look like for a frog? I'm not sure I'm in love with the camera placement though. I think I could capture it better.


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What an awesome brain you have. I love it! Keep this kind of thing up. I'm all for it. :) ♥️
Thank you all. I'm still working on the frog design, but after going a few rounds, I want to think on it some more before committing to a full illustration.

That being said, now is the time for me to start some designs for my cross stitch design business for Halloween, so I have quite a few sketches. I think I'll go with both of these, but I chose the second one to start. Here they are! At the end I have one of the pumpkins I rendered out and thought turned out great!



These are both really cool and beautiful
But I do like the square version of the triangle one, a bit more.
It’s just looks a bit more creepy and haunted house like.