Thought I'd stop in and say Hello...


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I was invited to check out this forum after chatting with @Carol Es on deviantArt. Seems like a lot of people here were active on Wet Canvas, which is a forum/site I was aware of years back and considering joining at some point. I was also active on IllustratedATCs many years ago.

Anyhoo, I don't make much visual art these days, but I've been writing more fiction lately and when I was doing visual art, it was mainly pen & ink, watercolor, or a combination of the two, and mixed media collage work. I studied art at a fancy art school and enjoy giving advice or critique. This forum seems pretty chill so far!
Welcome Xie, I guess, you've once modelled for Lewis Carroll, right?

Hi everyone.
My name is Ian, a couple of people gave me the link to the site so please blame them.

By the way, congrats on your forum Arty, I hope it goes well.