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I don't know. It's not on.
This is great! I really like it and can't even imagine all the work involved. (y)
Very intricate, Iain. The general pattern reminds me of an oriental prayer rug.
I was going to say what Nufocus said! It is beautiful and funky-fresh at the same time. ❤️ What's the size?
I was a little disappointed with this, particularly as I really like the look of the....pattern, which came to represent water. I made a couple of wrong decisions and the centre became a little more elaborate than I wanted it. I guess this is one of the consequences of working on the hoof. Anyhow I may make another 😳 And it did see me through New Year. Thanks again for looking and commenting. I do appreciate it.
To my eye, it came it really cool, but I know what it's like to have parts of things bug you when you put so much work into something and you feel like you've made a wrong turn. I hate that! I guess all you can do is either try again or live with it and move on. Accept that it still looks great to others--they have no idea how you feel about it or what your relationship might be with it. I love it.
The assumed purity of the arid landscape .jpg

Purity of the Arid. This is only a detail of a drawing on a scrap of paper, but something I obviously thought worth capturing. I would like to see it as a painting. Or the image itself blown up . 💣 B👀m. 🖐 💥

I don't know if that is a cartoon bomb emoji or a carafe. I'll drink anything.
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This reminds me of some of the big graffiti pieces on the sided of the LA river wash walls. The cool ones, that is. ;)
And when it's cool, is there anywhere cooler than LA? Speaking as an outsider who has never been there and probably never will. I would probably end up dead. 😁👀

Thank you Artyczar. U is zee bestest, bud 😁

Hope is an active virtue. Jonathan Sacks.

Ps. It is amazing how they do what they do with spray cans. I saw how they worked here, with music and rapping, they attacked the wall. It was performative, fascinating/exhilarating and, if I'm honest, slightly intimidating!
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I had one of those (very impressive) spaycan artists show me how it was done back in the late 80s and then I tried to do a couple of paintings using the technique. There's a lot of stenciling/blocking involved. I might have a bad picture of something. I did of Miles Davis.
Wow. The portrait is excellent! But I really like the orange lettering.

These are old ink notebook drawings, really basic, but there's something attractive in the shapes, for me.