The Three Graces - collage

Thank you so much, Kay! ❤️

Donna: yes, I really like the board for its weight and stability. I read somewhere about applying a layer of gesso on it before doing anything, because of how Masonite is coated, but you're supposed to sand it first to keep the surface smooth.

For glue, I used acrylic gel medium - I happened to have Golden gel medium in matte finish, so used that. Since I mistakenly didn't sand the board until after applying the gesso, I used heavy bodied gel medium when applying papers directly to the board, and the regular gel medium for paper onto paper. I was perhaps overly concerned about everything adhering to a potentially rough surface. It all stuck beautifully, though - I overthought it.

It got messy because I'm clumsy with a brush. 🤪 Sticky fingers!!!

I cut out the figures, various foreground shapes, the trees, all in advance so I could play around with composition before gluing anything. I would lay them out in different ways and take pictures, then decide what to do.

It went slowly at first until I felt it coming together at a certain point. When it clicked, I moved faster.

Thanks for your interest and kind words! ❤️
I appreciate that explanation, Terri! Using both heavy body and regular gel seems like a good idea. Now I have an excuse to pick up some heavy gel medium. 🙂
Very interesting piece and very well done. I really like your interpretation of the Graces! ❤️❤️
I can stare at this all day! Wonderful piece. Your many "mistakes" turn out so beautiful, I wish mine too. The black sun is so relaxing to stare at
Thank you so much, Fox! :) I appreciate you taking the time to look and comment.