The Samsung series


I worked on it along the last year. I guess someday I will transform it into posters. I was in doubt where to share it, I guess this fits into digital stuff. It is the first time I am sharing this series, like everything else I am working on. I have been reading some of the threads here on the forum, and I feel like we are all around some general questions haunting us all... Well, that's it, the works I will post here are from this collection I may call "The Samsung series", cause I worked on it using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It is kind of made to be seen on cellphones screens.

All of the works of the series are untitled, I just don't know how to name them without ruining the experience (or at least this is one of my excuses).

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I really like these, goodbc. I'm sorry no one has replied yet, but rest-assured. I think you are on to something special with these. They have a cool, dreamlike vibe that I like and the colors are interesting. I love how the imagery is mixed with those drawings. ❤️
I have to admit I looked at these on my phone and found it difficult to evaluate them. I don't mean to contradict your intentions, goodbc, but I find the large screen affords them the justice they deserve. That's just my opinion. Anyhow, I find your drawings fantastic, and locating them within digital media gives you much scope. I agree with Artyczar, you are onto something special here.
I love this, you did an amazing job,

I love the 3d effect of the figures, both figures stand out a lot, I think it is an incredible effect, this, it reminds me, I seem to see those books with pop up effect but everything is perfect, the background, subjects, elephants .all very beautiful and functional.
Thank you a lot! It's being somewhat difficult and messy days in my mind, it is nice to read your comments, really. It's hard to find a pathway with all the craziness envolved with everything I have been creating nowadays.
My daughter has blue hair! ...At the moment. Nice. Particularly like the delineation of the masked one.
I like all of these. The ghostly parts with the things in more all feels like a dream. What we have been living in lately is like a dream. It makes you see how surreal it all is. Good work.