The Regrets

Dave Woody

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Whatever you do, keep doing it and, please, don't "learn to draw." Unlearning might not be possible...
Yes, I hate that.


Edit. love it, Dave, the humour and spontaneous line. Here's a Thurber from an old anthology I picked up.

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Haaaa...I can't draw as well as I absolutely have to be original storywise....
and for what it is worth, the .... 'I like to buy you flowers......' one a true account
between my wife and myself.
That's a coincidence. The Thurber is a true account of this household.

The Regrets, is a great title for a series. Could double as the name of the characters portrayed.
I love them! The Regrets is a great name. When I drew my family, they were called the Mizeraballs.