The outing


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A combination of some photos, in ac , 16x24" with a touch of op's
16x24  combo ac  cp op.JPG
Nicely done! I like the depth you achieved here, Christel.
This is such a happy piece! All that's missing is the noise from the water and the kids. Great work on the moss-covered rocks - they look authentic!
I agree with Donna....such a good feeling playing out here. Well composed and nice movement in that water Christel.

What fun! I love this. The little figures with their hands up are great. It's like there's a story and I have to work out what it is.
What a happy and fun scene, Christel! I'm a little worried that the child in red might be swept away in the rushing water, but then, she seems to be under close observation by the capable looking man across the way, so perhaps my concern is unfounded :) Anyway, per usual, very well done.
The ambiance of a rushing brook in the woods is very strong, very appealing !
Beautiful Christel. Love the composition, movement, and excitement. Good depth.(y)