The Next Sketch Is


This thread idea originated on WC's photography forum and was later adapted for the Art Journals section. It is fun to post an image that references the previous one and then give a subject for the following person to show. The idea is that artists can dredge through old works to find a suitable one to post. No time limit. It can go on until people become bored or do a new work to fit the subject. I'll restart it here for people to join in using sketches or paintings. If you post a reply to the subject requested be sure and type at the bottom the words "the next sketch is"_________.

Here is one to start using 'bird'.

Blackbird in Brusho700.jpg

And the next sketch is: Something recent
Love this thread. I have enjoyed all the works thus far. Kay, can't help with the "next" as I have never sold anything.
This is fun Kay. I've never participated in one quite like this. Thanks for starting it.

20210305D Apricots (wde 3-5-21).jpg

Apricots done in Artrage Digital OIls. It was originally done for a Weekend Drawing Event in WetCanvas.

Next one is Flower.