The Next Sketch Is

With wheels..

Next is something watery....
Mike, by the time I found a bee, you had posted (but yours was MUCH better than mine!).

Here's a quick sketch in digital graphite from a WetCanvas Weekly Drawing Event a while back.

20210621D Old Havana (wde 6-20-21 Unsplash, Diego Gennaro).jpg

Next one has glass(es).
Hey AMS, you probably referred to glasses we drink from….🤨 but…..
Actually, I was purposely vague so you could go either way! Your glasses were great.

These paintings and drawings are all fantastic. What a creative bunch. (y)
Mike, I love your three girls! Very exciting plus all the rest!
Deborah, your water scene and rocks is inviting us to go there, turtle is great, etc.
Jo, love yours; Anne, I recall this one, so good. Nufocus, your work looks so familiar. Love it.
Wayne, keep up the good work. ColorEnthusiast, wow, your portrait of the girl is fabulous.
Hope I left no one out...typing fast as someone may post a crab ahead of mine with the boat...a tiny one on the beach here.

Boat Ashore.jpg

Next has lots of sky.
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