The Hypnotizin' Boogie



11 x 14 Alla Prima Oil on Panel ..
Primary Blue, Primary Red, Lemon Yellow, Indian Yellow, Burnt Umber Titanium White
Love these colors. Vibrant and great texture too. I like the mid tones too (the blues and greens that fade into the background). Really well done. :)
Thanks Arty & Sno. The bottle is the star for me. I can't look at it without trying to connect the dots.
As a child I once made a piece of pottery and, before firing, sprinkled small pieces of glass in the bottom. The red glass went almost black, which I didnt expect, but the blue and green worked beautifully contrasted against it. Your vase took me right back! Lovely work, indeed!
It's all been said, but I am attracted to the "exploding" look of the flowers although the whole painting is so balanced that one part is not more important than the other, 'the whole is more than the sum of the parts' in this one for me.

Looks like knife work in a lot of places.
Afraid the wife beat you to it, Woody, but thank you

Thanks you Trier and yes I like knife as well as brush. I painted with a knife only for 2 years but now I use both as they each have a part to play.