Tell me if you're getting bored

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Yet. The 3rd of the series. Collage elements, charcoal and acrylic on canvas. I've actually finished the 4th as well but you've probably had enough now:D
Nope. Keep 'em coming. This one is even better than the last. Love it! You sure have a great sense of composition.
😍😍🤩 I agree. This supplants the last one, and I really liked the last one, too.

Sorry last one 😄 I am liking this one as much as any so-called abstract I have seen.
Hi everyone, and thanks a lot for all the positive feedback, I really appreciate it. Haven't been around for a few days cos I've been painting.I've just finished the 100x100cm thats been giving me questions to ponder,😀instead of answering them I changed tack completely ha.
For those of you who mentioned Leger, thanks for the huge compliment, here's a painting I did a few years ago
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Thanks a lot. Its around 70x90cm I think and one of my favs. I forgot to say its called The Mechanic, I was thinking about the interlocking parts which make up our world when I painted it