Surrender (very old)


Well, not older than the hills, but I did a big series of "angel paintings" and this was one of them--around 1995.

Oil and poetry on canvas, 20 x 16 inches.

Great combo of color. I'm thinking you think of angels as aliens from space. Maybe I read too many UFO articles.
I see wings and a halo but it doesn't look like an angel to me. I do like it in any case. 😊
Love the "body of texf". The purple reminds me of two of the paintings in which you initiated the wonderfully weird thread.
Great colours . I have always been fascinated by halos , crowns and headdresses with feathers. They are spectacular!!!!! Love it.
Thanks everyone. All these "angels" I made were lost and were faceless. They also had rain coming down in their faceless dark faces. It was mostly because they lived in Los Angeles and were oftentimes homeless, striving to be something and never getting there. Many were heartbroken by love, by rejection, or loneliness. I was younger, what can I say? Very melodramatic.
Just looking at this on the" big screen"... Jocelyn and Wayne are right about the colours.. the etching and the yellow fringe, the posture - are most appealing.
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