Stockholm roofscape


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Hi Folks, I went out to do some painting but the snow was toooo much and my pen froze up.
So this is the view from one of our windows..... A different take on pleinair. an INSIDE pleainair :)
Colours a bit mangled. FaberCastells on Canson MT rough side. 30x40cm

That’s really nice, Murray. What a great arrangement of shapes just waiting for someone to notice and paint.
Hi folks. Thanks for the comments everyone.
Its a mixed up mix of attics and rooms that face onto an inner courtyard with lots of chimneys. The snow against the mustand and brown was a bonus - and yes warmer cos I was sitting on the windowsill with the radiator under me :)
When I tried to draw up at the church, but it snowed and stuffed up my paper, then my pen stopped working due to the cold... so Inside pleinair :)
I think you were sensible to stay indoors! :)

I like scenes that this. Lots of lines and angles. Lovely warm colours against the snow too :)
I love that warm palette against all the white. This is really beautiful, Murray! ❤️
This is wonderful - reminds me of mid-century abstract art - and that's a good thing.
That is a great composition and love the warm colours. May I ask where it is?
Hi Desforges, not sure if you know Stockholm. Its the inner city. The rear of buildings that face BirgerJarlsgatan. Appartments, theatre, hotel etc etc. The space behind opens onto the typical "inner courtyard" between the building on each street. The view is from the back of our apartment, the balcony was full of snow, so its out the window :) This bit is a mix of attics, corridors, rooms etc and really odd roof combinations, its always caught my eye and as I couldnt draw up in the park, this was what I happened to fixate on. I may rework smaller with my better pastels and pen once back with all my "gear". The Fabers are my "travel set" as I dont mind if they get battered travelling.