Some Sketches


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I've been thinking for a while that it would be nice to contribute some visual work, but since I don't make much visual work anymore, I wasn't sure what I might be able to contribute. Then I noticed some doodles in the sketchbook over the last few months and figured "why not?"

The first two are Pilot Vision rolling ball, latter two ballpoint. All cleaned up in Photoshop, as the paper in my current sketchbook is a roughly textured rag that's a bit difficult to work with. I can't use even the softest eraser, as it will cause the paper to tear, but I do like how that makes me a bit less "precious" about what I produce.




I love these! Personally, I don't like erasers. I like seeing the process within the sketching and the raw energy that lives in the drawing. This is a great example of that. I have been using ballpoint pen for a long time now and very rarely use pencil anymore, but I'm more into practiing ideas than rendering reality. I don't know if that's a strength, a weakness, or both.

Anyway, these are great and I'm happy you shared them. Thanks! :)
I think you should do whatever works for you! I don't usually use erasers for this kind of work, but I also just don't care for the texture of the paper for drawing. The sketchbook is otherwise OK, it's a cool handmade fair-trade sketchbook from Tibet, but I prefer smoother paper for pens. Wish Moleskins weren't so expensive...

Ballpoint definitely handles better on rag papers, tho! I drew a lot with those when I was a kid. They almost handle more like graphite rather than ink.
they are all very nice draws,
I like pen ones even more, it has a very nice effect.
also I think the pen is difficult to use but you do it really well

thanks for posting them.
Thanks all! The first one is my favorite, too. I'm pleased with the anatomy, even though it was very off-the-cuff.