Some more old ones

P. Barrie

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I found this in my portfolio. Don’t remember doing it or when.


These were a side tract in approach. I still don’t know how I feel about them?



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I like all of these Patrick. I've found some old ones too that I swear I never did. 😁
I will claim them all! (Including sno's!) for mine.

I love the subtle blending of colours in the SL. And I wouldn't knock the portraits, if for no other reason than they are part of your trajectory, albeit a detour. In fact, that's precisely the reason they would/should be valued, I think, as a detour. Anyhow, I like 'em. Forgive the council! Sometimes I'm good at the blether.
Patrick, your talent is showing wonderfully through your drawings, watercolors, pastels. Bravo!!!
I agree with Joe. These are magic. Perfect word. So stylized and lovely. You're so talented. I'd remember doing them if it were me, but then again, I'm not capable.
Love the first, the flowers, and think the portraits are wonderful.