Social Media


What social media do you use, if any? What do you use it for, and how often are you active? What are your goals for using it?

I use Instagram and ello. I post on Instagram everyday and sell there occasionally (which is basically the goal on that one). I post on ello a couple times a month, but mean to post there more often because I have a ton of followers and hope to bring readers to my blog. I have a Twitter account, but never use it. I had a Facebook account but deleted it. I found you had to be way more active on there than I was willing to be. I never sold there (maybe once), and it was a lot of work to get people to my website from there.
I have Instagram and Twitter but I never use them. I do use facebook, to keep up with family and friends and to post my work. I've probably sold as much through facebook as I ever did on my dedicated website. Haven't made as much money but sold about as many pieces in the time I've been there. On my site most were commissioned so I did make more money at it but I post on facebook, not caring whether I sell or not. It is mostly to get feedback but many times pieces will sell as soon as I post them.
Never had even a nibble off WC but then I didn't post many "finished" paintings there. The response in too many of its sub-forums was non-constructive, back patting and that put me off posting my "art" on WC. I did have some small success on eBay with some of my smaller, inexpensive paintings. The offer of free shipping was the hook that seemed to work. I shipped these smaller works, sandwiched between two sheets of foam core board which keep the postage down to a minimum.
Just Facebook, for family/friends and art (have sold a few pieces and gained a few students via fb) ... I do have Instagram, Pinterest, even twitter, but never (super rarely) use them.
I sold a painting to Amsterdam via wc! years ago. Also purchased one from wc! years ago from somewhere in the states.

I have acquired a few off WC myself. One from Hairy Wolf who is now Nufocus here on this forum. I'm probably going to scan that one and post it here soon, if he doesn't mind. It's pretty fantastic. I never sold off WC, but I also never posted my info on my signature or anything like that as I wasn't there for that purpose. I only was there to talk to other artists probably like everyone else there.
Insta which I post on mostly. Fb cos I've been on there forever it seems, Twitter cos I like the nature photographers, there are some brilliant bird pics there. Can't be bothered with WC anymore, it's so clunky. I must say I really like it here 🙂
My art is no longer online, apart from my dA profile. But I did maintain a Twitter for my illustration/art many years ago. Social media management is a big chunk of the work I do professionally, so I do have plenty of thoughts based on my experience w/that. IG seems like a great platform for art, I've had good response when I've posted stuff to my personal account.
I want to get rid of my fb business page, no one seems to see it anymore and I've lost interest. My other half thinks it would be better to make a post saying where people can find me if they want - insta and my website and instead of deleting the page hide all the posts except this one, any thoughts or ideas gratefully receieved as I can't find a way to hide all the old ones and don't want to waste time doing each one seperately
Haven't seen that on my wanderings, where can I find it?. I'm on a tablet don't know if that'll make a difference
Tap on the 3 little dots at the top of any of your posts and then tap on edit audience.
Ok tried that. There are 2 buts here🙂the first is no edit audience under the three dots and the second is even if there were I'd have to do that to each post, it would take a week haha
It will be on each of your original posts, not everyone where you have replied.
I've put a message up and left the account open so people can read it and join my personal page (I don't post personal stuff) or go to insta or the website, I've pinned it so hopefully a few people will see it
I think it's under privacy settings, but I haven't been on FB in almost a year now. I totally deleted my account and am only on Instagram, Twitter (which I never use) and ello, which is amazing.
Don't know ello at all is it a selling platform?. will have to check your insta🙂 what do you go by there?