Sketching from Streetview


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This is something I started last year, when I had to work from home and wasn't able to go anywhere due to lockdown. I would zoom in somewhere entirely at random on Streetview and draw wherever I ended up. My rule was that I could move around a little bit as long as I stayed on the same road. I started this so I would keep drawing. It's also helpful to me as I don't know what I'll be drawing next - if I wanted to choose somewhere to draw from Streetview it would take me all day! Unfortunately, my project only lasted a week or so, because the desire to draw or paint left me completely!

Anyway, I'm happy to say I've started drawing again now, so this is today's sketch. I landed outside a very nice house.


I aim to keep this thread going, and I'll add last year's sketches when I can. I seem to recall one of them centres in on some bins, so it isn't all pretty views!

Does anyone else do this? Feel free to add your sketches to the thread if you do :)
Very good sketch, and a clever way to get through lockdown!

I'm so glad you've decided to take up drawing again. :)
What a great idea! And a very nice sketch too.
I may have to explore your method, as I'm always at a loss for things to draw.
Perry - many thanks :)

Terri - thank you. Hopefully I can keep going this time! :)

Laika - I recommend it! Please post your results if you do :)
I've not tried this, but it sounds great fun, and I imagine some of the more extreme distortions you can get from Streetview would be cool to play around with.

I like your latest sketch, and it's great that you're feeling like drawing again. Looking forward to seeing more of these, and thanks for sharing your idea.
Nice sketch Kay. So happy to hear you're back on it. ♥️ It does inspire me to try to do this, but I haven't in a while. :(
What a brilliant view! Great sketch - I really like your work on the foreground rocks, and you've done a fab job translating the landscape into such strong, simple shapes.
What a great idea. I've never tried it but it sounds like fun. Glad to see you are drawing again.