Sharpie Portrait


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I'm pretty sure I haven't posted this in another thread, sorry for the redundancy if I'm wrong. This is a male sharp-shinned hawk, sometimes called by falconers by the same name as a male sparrowhawk-- a musket, a musket sharpie or my favorite, a musket shin. Acrylic on paper, from around 1996. My very first try at a color portrait of a raptor. They have larger eyes, proportionally, than the otherwise larger females. Shins are smaller than sparrowhawks-- the males aren't much bigger than a bluejay.

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By sparrowhawk I mean the old world variety, which is an accipiter-- some people still call the American kestrel by the old name of sparrow hawk, even though it's a falcon. Sharpies are common throughout the US, but hard to see.
Personally I prefer to call them shins, but that's just as confusing.
Beautiful work! Wonderful detail and color without being fussed over. Excellent drawing, the shape and turn of the head is spot on.
Thanks and yep.

I've posted this elsewhere I think but what the hell. This is a female sharpie. Life-size. Tupelo, acrylics, cherry and walnut. They're around ten-eleven inches long.



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Thanks for posting also the last three photos. They are so gorgeous! I like a lot your drawing: very cute face, the eye has lots of drawing talent. Inspiring work!
Incredibly inspiring!!!! The craftmanship is so's almost otherworldly. You are beyond. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Thank you, moscatel and Arty... I guess I was, for a little while. In truth, I have very little idea of how I got that way. I do know that whatever arcane process allowed me to put life into these things took a considerable toll on my life, so perhaps a little while was for the best.
as Artyczar and Moscatel say,
they are works of absolute beauty, formidable, difficult to say something and in any case while writing
one immediately feels too much desire to go back to admire and admire.
That's a stunning portrait. Love it :)

The sculpture is beautiful too, I love the pose.