Orange-breasted Falcon


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A quick acrylic color study of a very rare species from Guatemala and Belize, for a carving that never got off the ground. I didn't bother to mix up the dark slaty blue of the real thing, I just wanted to block in the color areas. From 1998 or so.

OBF Full 2.JPG


Eventually I darkened it up. The orange is actually the dry pigment Monte Amiata burnt sienna I mentioned in the Kremer Pigments thread.

OBF Head 2.JPG

OBFs are the most heavily armed of all falcons, with huge feet and massive beaks. The female's beak is laterally compressed with a doral keel, unique among falcons. Their flight feathers are even stiffer than a peregrine's and they have humungous pectoral muscles. They have a moderate facial ruff, like an owl. They exhibit the highest degree of reverse sexual dimorphism of all falcons-- the females are much, much bigger than the males, to an almost ridiculous degree. No one knows why they are so rare.

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Those are beautiful birds and you did a good job capturing it. Too bad you didn't get a chance to make the carving of it.
Musket, I love that painting, exactly the way it is as a wonderful work of art. ❤

Those colorful birds remind me of Lorikeets, only real big! I had a Lorikeet for some years when I was a young adult. His name was Jaco, named after Jaco Pastorious.
A wonderful and very skillful painting! And now we know about this exotic bird, too. Thanks for all that.