Self portraits


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A couple of self portraits. The first one, Tears of a Clown, was painted after I lost my Mom. It shows that we clowns have feelings too, and is painted on copper. The second one, Emerging Artist, was just a fun painting I wanted to do. :)
Wow, both are so masterful, but that clown portrait is an "OMG." So much feeling. I'm sorry about you losing your mom. :( Losing my mom--both my parents--were incredibly difficult, as I'm sure that stuff is for everyone.

It's really hard to post my art after your posts, Sno. Just so you know. Very intimidating! Not that it's a comparable style, but you are just SO GOOD! It really floors me.
Awww thank you Arty but like I said, nobody is better or worse than anyone else, just different. :)
are 2 masterpieces.
also the second one is very funny and the first one is very intense,
we see that it is such a felt work.
move a lot. it affects a lot. splendid work
Hi again Sno, I just saw by accident a piece by Ron English which explains the inspiration for your self portrait. Excellently done.
Thanks again Nufocus. The inspiration for my painting actually came from a song of the same title and the fact that while I am usually clowning around, I have very deep feelings inside. I had just lost my mother and needed an outlet.