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Over the years I have done many portraits of family and friends. All the time I hears "why don't you do one of yourself?" I always thought it was kind of a vanity thing to do a self portrait but in searching the internet I found many people doing self portraits so I did one.
This was done with Prismacolor pencils on white Stonehenge paper. It's 11 x 15 inches. (280 x 380mm) I thought rather than just a head shot I would do one with some added interest. I had a picture of me working on one of my model engines so I cleaned up all the assorted junk that was on the table and hanging on the walls and drew it.


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You're in good company with the idea of self-portraits, of course - from van Gogh to Picasso and so many others, as you discovered. :) Oftentimes, it's due to not being able to afford a model!

Lovely job with the light, and the folds of the shirt - your usual skill with the details. You have a pleasant expression and this looks like a very natural surrounding for you. Well done! Are your eyes really that blue? Nice! ;)
Beautiful portrait and I'm betting that it looks just like you. ❤️ ❤️
Great work! I feel the same about the self portrait but if you look at it in reverse, model is always free.

This self portrait is beautiful and so well done. Your shapes and shadows are amazing.