Salted Trees


11 x 14 oil on panel alla prima .. down by the ocean side .. with my stuff you need to step back 5 ft .. C & C welcome.
Thank you Lyn and Snoball
I go a little blur on there. Must be getting shakey ...:)
Nice forest detail painting with lovely glow in it. Also like the cropping of objects.
How did you mix those purples? .. meaning: what colors did you use? It's always a tough decision in landscapes weather to use purples, how much and what would be the correct mixes, I think. I always have a battle with purples/violets. 😌
Thank you. I could not tell you what the exact science is but my pallet on this was FUBlue, Per. Rose, Lemon yellow, and Tit white. From that I make a blue violet, red violet, blue green, yellow green, yellow orange and red orange. From that I mix down into greys. The purples would be a grey purple made by mixing any combo of the 10 hues on my palet starting with one of the violets and yellow. From there I mix and mash to make a desired greyish purple.