Round House


I think I'm afraid to post anything anymore because I can't keep track of what I have posted in the past. I posted this on insta today, so maybe I can start posting here what I post there.

This is mixed media on birch panel, 36 x 36 inches. (Oil, paper, and fabric.)

That's fascinating Arty, with the mix of paint and fabric. Is the electric line made of thread or paint?
nice ,and how the colors play together (these colors in particular which are cheerful) I like so much.
Thank you Jocelyne, Sno, trufflecat, and Joe. I really appreciate the comments. :)

Sno, the wire and sky section is oil paint. No thread on this one.
Very pleasant feeling when viewing; like it.

I know exactly how you feel about double posting, but I rationalize it by thinking that it is like in a gallery or museum when you walk around viewing and you may pass the same painting a couple of times and it still looks good, so I try to keep track but excuse myself, and others, because we are all human.

I think you ought to carry on with your posting when in doubt, as it would be a shame to not see somethng just because you you think you might have been posted it before.
Arty, this is one big WOW!! Your work on birch is so unique and so suitable for your signature style. Excellent!