Roses I & Roses II .....



Roses II.jpg

Both are 11 x 14 inches .. oil onpaper .. Alla Prima .. painted Mar 29/30/24
Still working the edges and the color palette .. much closer to where I think I am going ..
the first I dipped into the pure color and second I stay in the mother .. mostly .. I didn't mix enough paint and had no mother left over but I basically matched the paint to what I had already laid down .... still having trouble getting my glasses to stand up straight .. there's always some nag ....
I just finished with this morning's session in my studio. I was looking for a way to make my color relative to me and I didn't find a way because I had rules. There are no rules, just guide lines and sometimes you are in the wrong lane for a particular guidance. There is only one way to become distinct and unique and that is to paint, paint, and paint somemore. Only painting will help me evolve. No more dumb butt moves like looking for a formula. Oh well, the elusive dream helped pass time and kept me painting. On to the next fantasfy.
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These are both gorgeous, Wayne! The little pops of pure colors give you the option of being a little more expressive with mood and if that’s breaking a rule so be it. I find it interesting how the background color affects the flowers too. Your work certainly looks uniquely yours and that’s a very good thing!
They are both beautiful, lush paintings. I like my grays to swing a little blue so the top one speaks louder to me. I am al so fond of these bright little dabs of the greens, and how you work in so many colors into these roses!! ❤️
Thank you Donna ... an artist once said that if you paint a good piece it is ugly up front but has that magic when you step back ... I don't necessarily agree as I think you can paint a good looking piece up front but I do agree that the better painting is the one that is ugly up front .. I never realized how rough a Sargent was till I saw a few pieces in raw format where you could see the strokes .. awesome ... and you would never guess it could transform into such beauty.

Thank you Joe ...
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How did I miss these? I've been having computer problems and haven't been on here as much I guess. These are just beautiful paintings. ❤️ ❤️
The light and shadow in that first one are over-the-top excellent. The second one has "strokes" in it that are so cool, I can hardly contain myself. ♥️