Relearning The Power Of Grey



11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. painted Mar. 29/24
.. using the mother color but staying mostly away from my undiluted piles of mother influenced paint. I used to go back to the undiluted red/yelow/blue or whatever but I am learning or relearning that I don't need the pure pigment to give a painting a colorful life. I still dipped a little more than I needed to as I don't need to dip at all as that is the power of the mother color. Stay within the confines. Going forward I will remember this. The mother is the mother of all and it is all you need to get your point across. The painting might look a little lifeless from close up but when you give it it's distance it flowers before your eyes. It's the magic of painting.
Those flowers pack a visual punch, regardless of where that brush was dipped! :LOL: Your warm grays are lovely.

Everything looks extra gorgeous when surrounded by grays. So many of them out there -warm and cold. mmm, gray. ❤️

Beautiful work!
Thanks Terri. And when I get it right it will be more grey but the light will still be powerful. 🤞
Gorgeous colors - and so beautifully harmonious! Even your mother-influenced yellows are vibrant compared to the other, grayer colors and those few spots of “white” really stand out. I guess it makes sense out in the world too because even a pure yellow daffodil is influenced by the blue of the sky and all the other surrounding colors, we just don’t go out of our way to notice it. Keep up the great, inspiring work, Wayne!
Thank you Donna.
I was watching a utube video on how colors are enhanced or diffused by their neighbours. It was long to the point but it made me rethink how I was using the mother color. It helped me understand where I was wrong. I have to step back after every stroke. I once read that Sargent used to step back after each stroke and then after his time looking and studying he would step forward and make the next stroke with purpose. I can see why. If it’s a bad stroke you can go over it with a correction and if it’s right you can then put your next stroke. I see how this will influence my study of my palette as well. I’m thinking I will only need 1 of each primary, my two browns, and my black and white. I also think I may be getting ahead of myself with my thoughts but they form the basis underlying my next piece. This is getting exciting.
Super painting, Wayne. ❤️ ❤️ Have you ever tried "Grey Matters" paper palettes? I love them for showing you the true colors before you slap them on the canvas.
Thanks Sno. I actually have my palette painted in 5 values of grey. Helps when mixing down to or using grey.