Richard Kingsman aka 'Boot'

Dave Woody

Well-known member
30cm x 20cm acrylic on paper

My friend 'Boot' Richard Kingsman, makes quite cheesy music videos on YouTube.
He has a particular 'look' in every single one of them, so...since he included a picture
of mine in his latest one 'Believe in Us' (2:41)......I thought I needed to capture his video
'Persona'......for fun. I can't paint portraits or landscapes, but this is quite close to how
he looks in his videos.
You did a good job on this, I think, whatever Boot looks like. Excellent! Really. It is believable.
Thank you....type Richard Kingsman into YouTube and see him for real....
(You won't need to see more than 30 seconds of ANY of his uploads, to see what I mean).
Yes, you captured a personality by very simple means and that’s very cool.
Ha 'Boot' received the pic and emailed me saying......
"It's great, I will definitely put it in a future video, it could be the new trademark!"

It feels like I have just sold snow to an eskimo....
2:41 you say. What's your royalties?


Boot obviously puts a lot of time and effort in. The videos are compelling, lots of stunning images to keep our distracted generation entertained. Good stuff.

Composing the tunes, programming the drums and bass and keys, writing lyrics,
Recording vocals and guitar and then creating a video ..... I agree, he puts a lot
of effort into it all.