Result Of Using A Painting As A Flower Vase/Holder Try


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I realize that I have posted this before, but did not say what it represented. I hope further explanation is permissible.

The big idea, (not original, I’m sure), was to have actual real flower(s) within a painting.

I visualized that ultimately there could be a big painting with numerous slits/holes to stick blossoms or fruit in. Maybe on the back side there could be little vials for water, and the flowers could be changed out as they faded etc. or to change the ambiance of the whole work.

Starting small, I used my ‘Sticks and Curves’ painting as the guinea pig and a Louisiana Iris blossom because I felt it matched the colors and mood.
18x24 acrylic & blossom/ cardboard

The result I think is barely in the ball park; live and learn.

The main problem, besides the obvious physical difficulties, was that the colors in paint could not hope to match the wonderful colors and texture of the real flowers.

Maybe using a painting as strictly a background with subdued colors and vague shapes would be the way to go.
Project on hold for now.
I love the idea. What is the surface? Is it paper? I like the idea of little vials. It's still a great piece, even if you haven't figured out the science of it yet. ♥️