Red Fruit on Prickly Pears


red pricklies.jpeg
5.5×8.5 watercolor and ink (Micron 01 pen) on paper, sketched quickly with color added. This is in Masters Touch sketchbook 80 lb. paper.
C&C welcome!
I really like the contrasting sharp and soft edges, no need to comment on the colours, lovely tho.
Love the composition and freshness. All the more impressive that it is only 80# paper. The only (very) small nit I have is the needle that leads directly out of the corner, bottom right.

I remember that you don't care for masking fluid. How do you manage to paint around the needles while still maintaining a loose look?
This is beautiful, Kay! Your reds are popping here - your entire palette is just gorgeous. You're a master of watercolor!
NICELY DONE! Excellent approach, nice needles and your use of the medium is well suited! Good stuff!
So realistic! Kinda makes me homesick...
Nopalitos are made from the paddles (leaves). The fruits are called tunas (one is a tuna) and there are recipes on the web for both...
So well done, Kay.
This is super. Your beautiful painting brings memories. When I was young riding horses and working cattle in the hot summer in New Mexico, we would pick the pears and wipe the stickers off with gloves and eat them to quench our thirst. Something like a kiwi inside. Nice and juicy. Jelly made from them is excellent.