Red Bird Trail


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This one is from my Impressionism Period years ago. The Impressionists were my inspiration starting out and I still love them.

I am still a little undecided about the field on the left side of the drive as to whether I should make it as definite as the right side with maybe some milkweed and goldenrod and bring the fence forward to the edge, or just leave it alone; or add just very little extra emphasis. Thoughts?
18x24 acrylic/plywood


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I think the left side could use a little more color but keep it on the dull side to match the other side. This is a great painting. (y)
Trier, I do like your Impressionism Period a lot. You ask us difficult opinion, I honestly don´t know what would work better for the field as it look quite good as it is. I have several landscapes in a similar situation and I often don´t find a solution. To a last field I added sheep and it´s still undone. Will return to it soon .. I hope.
Maybe the best solutions are what you listed already: the fence or little more color. How about the fence going parallel to the road making some kind of curve breaking the grass area to thirds or something and additionally adding some color to the grass as you mentioned. What bothers me a little now is the fence making almost line with the tall trees. I can be wrong, too. I really am not good with compositions. Hope you find a solution that pleases you.
After doing more thinking, I agree with Arty. It's so beautiful that it doesn't need anything more. Perfect!
sno, Arty, moscatel -
Thanks for your considered critques and advice; it really helps. I am still mulling it over, and may just lightly add some things in pastel, which can be wiped off if it doesn't do any good.
I do like this example from your Impressionism period. I've fooled around with it myself at times, and it isn't as easy as it looks. This one is very successful.
Very engaging and sensitive painting. Beautiful blues! Possibly some additional impressions of wildflowers in the left foreground, but states wonderful like it is.