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Here is something I just finished and I hope it's okay to post here. My son does not like to wear p.j. tops. So I took this one and trimmed off the back and sleeves. I then hemmed all around and turned the trimmed sleeves into the apron strings and sewed on. Now I have a new Cozy apron.
Very imaginative! You get three cheers for figuring out a way to make this cute fabric useful. It looks comfy and cozy - just the right feeling when working in the kitchen.

Great job on a great idea!
Ntl, ams, Terri and Artyczar - this was so easy I had to share. Used to just cut the p.j. tops into rags, (flannel makes the best wash rags) but thought there has to be a better use for these.
One thing I have realized is a flannel shirt makes for a nice cozy warm apron. (Suitable for winter - I live in Canada) If you require a cooler apron you can use a cotton shirt.
Very cute! I save every kind of weird thing to re-invent like that. How about making some cool Xmas bows from the missing back? :)
Cooking, it's nice for winter time baking. Keeps the chill off. Would recommend a cotton shirt to make one for the summer.