re: push notifications


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Exactly what is being asked for, and why, in the little banner box that is on the bottom of the page ?

Will enablement help Google, Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft and other evils in any way"
No, it's just something the software of the forum will keep asking. I can see if Hannah can try to stop those from coming up.
They are just notices to tell you when there is news on the forum or when someone has posted on a thread you are watching, depending on how you have set your preferences. You'd get informed via email as far as I know. I think it can also be included in your taskbar if you set your settings that way, that way a little icon can come up every time there is activity on the forum. You don't have to use them, just ignore or say "no."
Push notifications are desktop notifications. They'll pop up on your desktop even when the forum isn't open on your computer.