Rain Check


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Noon came and still no rain (as predicted) and the sky was clear. So I decided to go for it. Slapped a quick coat of gesso on a panel - one coat would have to do - thru everything in a bag and hit the street. I checked out the new stadium for the Kracken - (pro ice hockey team). But soon realized it would have to wait for another day when I had time to work out logistics and angles That killed an hour. So my backup was a condo complex that looked like it might have something. It's a HUGE sprawling development but no time to explore. Halfway down the first flight I saw this.

Okay I can make something out of that (maybe). The landing where I had to set up was small, and half of it had to stay open so people could pass. That left me with one little corner to stand in.

And then my panel blocked out the composition I wanted. That left me with just a row of buildings to paint.

this is as far as I got before I had to pack up. Not sure if I'm going to come back and finish, or bail and go for a better composition.
anyway that was my day.
I think you might need to at least finnish at home bcz you have here really good base.
I think you should go back and pick up all those details, but it's your life! Ha.

Thank you for the details on this. I really enjoyed reading and seeing the images about it. It's a shame your panel blocked out those stairs and rails, as that was the more interesting part of the composition. I guess you'd have to be lower? Were you sitting or standing? I guess it is what it is?

As far as what you've painted so far, I think it's excellent. I think you're an excellent painter. Your subjects are always super compelling. I am always excited to click on your posts and never disappointed. All your work makes me happy and inspired. This one is no different and I think it deserves to be finished with your Bongo touch. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Oh, and we keep getting the same "tease" with the rain here. It's annoying. Rain already!
I vote for finishing this too! I really like the graphic quality of what you have so far and think it has a great urban feel.
Waiting with anticipation. :)

I love this kind of subject: lots of bold shapes and straight lines. It's on my list to try some day. Please finish, you're off to a great start!
I like the finished piece. With your limited palette and a small piece of sky, empty windows and solid walls, you managed to convey that feeling of crowded urban living. Or maybe, Bongo, you didn’t even mean it and it’s all in my own head?…😂
Ams, Jo thank you much appreciated.

Nufocus - If Miami Vice had public housing - it would look like this. I lost the thread of what I was trying to do (and interest) in this since I didn't get further along with it on site. But I'm glad I finished it, now onward and upward to infinity and beyond!
A nice finish! I would have been too afraid to ever attempt this but you pulled it off.
Thanks Tri

Arty - the "inspiration" is mutual. The way you persevered and the outcome with your book is worthy of a documentary.

Donna - face your fears. I felt the same way about this - I came up short, but learned a lot.
Jeez! THANK YOU Bongo. Coming from you I will take that compliment all the way to my death. ♥️