Pumpkin Guard


oil painter
Another daily painting done this month, Jan, 2021.
Very quicky painted and left it kind of sketchy. Oil on canvas, size is bigger than the earlier ones but not very big. Can't find the canvas now in this daily painting chaos. :oops:



Here's my model photo:
This is not a daily painting but the model is the same so I post it here. Oil on canvas, 10x11 in, 25x27.8 cm
I added two squirrels to add interest and I think they need more work. This is an odd painting .. maybe composition could be improved ..


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That is so cute! Those daily paintings take a lot of time and energy, good for you. Watching for the next ones!
ntl, thanks. Yes, daily paintings are exhausting for most of us. But I guess there is some kind of personal reward in the end also.